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Alexander Wolfe had a welcome, classy status update after being knocked out at Worlds Collide

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Last night (Sat., Jan. 25) in Houston, Alexander Wolfe was injured early in the Worlds Collide main event between his Imperium group and Undisputed ERA. A kick from Bobby Fish appeared to catch Wolfe on the chin just as Roderick Strong was chopping him on the back. He immediately went limp, and was helped to the back by medical staff moments later. He did not return, and Triple H would later confirm he was knocked out as a result of the spot.

More on all that is here.

Now the good news. Not long after the show ended - roughly two hours after he was knocked out - Wolfe tweeted this:

There’s so much good in that tweet. Mostly that he’s okay, and able to compose his thoughts (and in his second language).

Thanking the folks who did great work taking care of him in the moment and immediately afterwards is nice, too. The classiest touch is the closing. Fish - a veteran who’s no stranger to accidents and injuries - looked upset and concerned in the ring. Publicly taking a step to put his mind at ease, and hopefully preemptively cut off criticism from fans, is very gracious.

And for those looking to dissect what went wrong in the ring, the first hashtag tells you where to look. If you watch back the video (here - in regular and slow motion), if Wolfe’s head was raised Fish’s kick catches him on the chest as opposed to the chin. So if he was positioned differently, he doesn’t get knocked out.

With just about the best update we could hope for from Wolfe, now we’ll hope for a complete recovery and a healthy future.

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