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New Day heel turn coming?

Before Kofi Kingston’s match with John Morrison on SmackDown last night (Jan. 24), Big E was his usual weird, borderline inappropriate self. It involved an indie wrestler, a lot of oil, and some sound Royal Rumble strategy:

That’s our loveable, wacky Princes of Positivity right there!

But then Kofi Kingston took another loss, this one to John Morrison. And when Cathy Kelley caught up with the duo backstage... Kofi starts off in focused babyface mode. The former WWE champs says they’re refocusing on the Rumble and looking to “climb that mountain together one more time and get back to ‘Mania”.

But E is not having it, telling Cathy he wishes she “could climb the mountain to find a good question to ask for once”. And Kingston back up his big greasy man:

That’s not very nice!

That does fit with recent whispers of a New Day heel turn, though. With The Usos back, and Heavy Machinery slotting in comfortably as the blue brand’s goofy fan favorites, it might not be a bad time for it.

Kofi’s been trying to stay positive since his quick loss to Brock Lesnar in October. But the loses to Miz & Morrison seem to be wearing on him and his partner. If they come up short on Sunday, how will they react? What about when they eventually drop the SmackDown Tag titles?

Could be a good story. And if it takes us back to New Day hijacking fallout segments and berating interviewers on the regular like back in the old days? Sign me up.

Hey, who is that being interrupted by Francesca in that clip? She looks familiar...

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