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WWE finally addresses heightism

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Singles match

Sheamus hates small rodents, and Chad Gable attempts to Rise Over Size.

The Road to Royal Rumble

It seemed like four time WWE World champ, five time WWE Tag champ, two time United States champ, former Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank & King of the Ring winner Sheamus’ career might be a wrap. His partnership with Cesaro was dissolved in last April’s Superstar Shake-up. His Celtic Warrior Workouts on YouTube proved the 41 year old was in great shape, but a concussion and lingering stenosis in his neck meant that didn’t necessarily mean it was safe for him to take bumps.

Nevertheless, word hit last fall that he was getting closer to a return. The Irishman spiked up his hair like it was the aughts and returned to our screens after Survivor Series. And he didn’t sound like a babyface.

While the 2010 King of the Ring was working to get medically cleared, Chad Gable had a star-making run in the 2019 edition of the tournament. The Olympian didn’t win the crown, but he made it to the finals (and defeated Shane McMahon in the process... no small feat considering how Shane was being booked at that point). And he got to extend his feud with the man who beat him and became King, Baron Corbin (also something of a rub, considering Corbin’s been a consistent presence atop Raw & SmackDown for going on a year-and-a-half now).

He also got this gimmick...

Ever since, Shorty G’s been trying to rise over size. That is his actual catchphrase - he’s got merch and everything. That’s weird, because it not only has a bit of a sexual connotation, but also makes it sound like his height is something he’s trying to overcome rather than an aspect of himself he proudly embraces. But I digress...

When Sheamus finally showed on SmackDown in something other than a pre-taped vignette, he targeted one of the sources of weakness he mentioned in his first promo.

G stood up to him, because that’s one part of these bullying stories WWE usually does get right.

And for some reason this match will happen on a Big 4 PPV instead of on a Friday night.

What’s at stake

WWE would tell you something like “momentum”.

No matter what happens here, Sheamus is probably destined to move up a bit - either as a main event gatekeeper, yet another member of Corbin’s court, or both. Gable will be a plucky mid-card face, rotating TV time with Mustafa Ali.

If this were a proper morality play, Shorty wouldn’t just stand up to the bully, he’d somehow prove that his opponent was wrong for seeing his height as a weakness. And he’ll make a good showing, if for no other reason that Gable is incapable of having a bad match and Sheamus has always been an underrated hand. He may even get a roll-up win or two while they’re feuding.

Will he go over the Celtic Warrior in the end? What do you think?

Let us know below, and stick with us for all your Royal Rumble news & analysis needs.


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