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Of course Bray Wyatt signed a contract in his own blood

WWE loves to hold “contract signing” segments days before a pay-per-view event featuring a particular match is set to take place, I guess because we’re meant to believe they spent weeks promoting a match that wasn’t even officially signed for. Really, it’s a way to ensure the two parties involved in said match would engage in some violence after signing on the dotted line, because that’s how these things always go.

This one was different, though.

It was different because it involved Bray Wyatt, the Universal champion, who is also The Fiend, signing to wrestle Daniel Bryan for that title. What would he do?

Sign in his own blood, of course:

It will be a strap match, hence the whipping, so we can reasonably expect a violent, ugly affair between two wrestlers willing to get exceptionally violent and ugly.

See you Sunday!

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