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WWE changed the UK title, but it’s still a fine looking belt

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Maybe it’s because the original was stolen in Chicago last month. Maybe it’s WWE’s in the process of re-branding championships in NXT right now.

Either way, as revealed in the spoilers from last weekend’s NXT UK taping from York, the WWE United Kingdom title that debuted back in January of 2018 is retired. In its place WALTER now has the NXT United Kingdom belt. They swap happened on the episode which debuted on WWE Network yesterday (Jan. 23), so we got a better look at the new one.

WWE Network
WWE Network

If you’re saying to yourself, “Self, that looks a lot like the old,” you are correct. They basically just changed out the logo in the middle.

WWE Shop

But as DDP would say, that’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing! Because the UK title was one of, if not the, best looking straps in wrestling. I liked that it was branded differently than all the other NXT belts before, but alas. As long as it’s this gorgeous, what’s in a name?

Plus, WALTER managed to use the occasion to insult previous titleholders Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne, so it also served as a nice kayfabe-enhancing moment:

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