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Seth Rollins complains about WWE fans who complain too much

Seth Rollins is a natural born heel.

It’s Royal Rumble week and WWE PR has tasked the Monday Night Messiah with doing a mini-media tour throughout the state of Texas. A big topic of conversation has been Rollins’ recent heel turn and fan reaction to him over the past several months.

Speaking with the San Antonio Express News, Rollins discussed the reaction to his heel turn.

“It is a different era than it was back in the day. Now, it’s easier to be an antagonist because ... anybody who consumes entertainment has a voice to be heard. They can get online and say whatever they want, and even if one or two people respond to it, that’s one or two people more than 20 years ago when they were just sitting in their living room talking crap to their friends. …Our audience looks for things to complain about, to dislike and to pick apart. It’s such a short, short lifespan. If you can maintain being in that hero role for a lengthy period of time, you are doing something incredible.”

Yup, that will get fans to stop complaining.

Has Seth Rollins cracked the code to pro wrestling fans, and people on the Internet in general? Do we really complain too much?

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