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Bask in the new NXT North American champ’s glory

Undisputed ERA threw everything they had at Keith Lee as they tried to keep ahold of all NXT’s gold. But Lee wasn’t lying when he said their prophecy ended with him.

The story of Jan. 22’s main event was set-up last Wednesday when Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Roderick Strong attacked The Limitless One and injured his ankle. Early in Strong’s North American title defense against Lee, the heel faction swarmed the challenger on the outside. That created an opening for Roddy to slide into Keith’s bum ankle. And he continued to target the body part for most of the match.

It also just set the stage for his eventual comeback. A comeback which featured the now-expected amazing feats of strength from the Moment-Maker.

In the end, Lee survived an avalanche Olympic Slam...

...and fought off all four members of the ERA to hit Roddy with his Death Valley Driver-variant, Big Bang Catastrophe.

The ERA of Undisputed might not be over, but the prophecy is. Adam Cole’s group took two big losses tonight, and were jumped by Imperium to close the show. They have a four-on-four showdown with that group Saturday at Worlds Collide.

As for Lee. Probably some basking. And maybe an appearance at Royal Rumble Sunday?

Get all the details of tonight’s NXT here.

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