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Alexa Bliss has a take

Many will disagree with said take. Even pig lovers!

Alexa Bliss’ Instagram

Okay, so... last month, Alexa Bliss posted this on her social media:

A couple of days later, the proud mother of Larry-Steve the pig and several dogs shared this observation about the reaction to that pic:

TMZ caught up with Bliss at - where else? - an airport. And because they’re TMZ, this was one of the issues they needed to get to the bottom* of when they ambushed Alexa outside the baggage claim.

The Goddess’ take?

“Well, you know, here’s the thing. I think Larry’s a lot cuter than my butt. So, I feel like he needs to get all the ‘likes’ in the world.”

As an animal lover myself, I respect Alexa’s opinion. But as someone who’s unironically sung Billy Gunn’s theme song, well... tell ‘em Sand-man...

* As this joke (and the entire post, really) should make very clear, TMZ isn’t the only shameless purveyor of #content involved here.

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