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Jazzy Gabert on why she’s leaving WWE

German wrestler Jazzy Gabert, aka Alpha Female, had a winding road to WWE. It looked like she was joining the company when she took part in the first Mae Young Classic tournament, but revealed a contract offer was rescinded after test revealed herniated discs in her neck.

She had surgery to correct the issue and was cleared. After appearing in the crowd at 2019’s TakeOver: Blackpool, she joined NXT UK. She was a regular with the brand from May on, working a storyline with Jinny. Recently, she’d been transitioning from playing the fashionista’s enforcer to a possible rival.

But that abruptly ended when she didn’t work the tapings last weekend, instead tweeting that she was a free agent. Fans who’d cheered for WWE to sign the 37 year old were surprised.

Now, in an interview with WrestleTalk, Gabert explained her decision. It seems it was a combination of too many opportunities outside WWE, and not enough opportunity to advance in WWE.

“As we had only TV tapings about every 4 to 6 weeks I was able to do a lot projects outside of wrestling and I found the world of entertainment in Germany. I was on dating shows, game shows, talk shows and got to do lots of fun things in TV. In the summer I was really lucky and got an offer to tour with a German rockstar, Udo Lindenberg, and we went on tour for 3 months, 28 shows, every time in front of 15,000+ fans. In between all of this I had the NXT UK tapings.

On tour I realised that I want more for my life and I got the confidence that I’m able to do more, and for 2020 Udo Lindenberg asked me if I can come on tour again and a reality tv show offer came also in. Unfortunately, these projects would cross the schedule from NXT UK and I had to make a decision, because working all of these projects at once wouldn’t work. As I couldn’t see myself moving on or up in terms of storylines, I had to ask for my release. So it was completely my decision and I’m happy about it. I always wanted to work for WWE and I’m happy that I can tick that box. Of course, would I have loved to be a champion, for sure, but my heart tells me it’s time to move on.

I’m grateful for the opportunity that WWE gave me. I was immensely privileged to train with legends like William Regal, Johnny Saint, Robbie Brookside, Shawn Michaels and others who came to the performance centre in London. I was blessed to make my debut at Blackpool and witness how the NXT UK superstars performed on a high level with so much passion. I was also really happy that I got TV time almost every week; of course some could say it was not a good storyline I was placed in, but I honestly was just happy to be out there at all and I tried to make the best of it.”

She goes on to say that she’ll continue to take independent bookings, but mostly wants “a change”. In addition to the tour with Lindenberg, Gabert is promoting something called SIRIUS Sports Entertainment in Germany this April. She describes it as “not a typical wrestling show, it’s sports entertainment and inspired by the musical, Rocky”.

That... sounds interesting.

Join us in wishing Jazzy all the best with SIRIUS, and whatever else life brings her way.

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