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Raw’s numbers bounce back for Royal Rumble go home

Mixed tag matches don’t hold viewers as well as weddings, though.

After going head-to-head with a college football championship game that had 25 million viewers, things got back to normal for Raw on Mon., Jan. 20. And that means WWE’s audience went back up to almost where it was two weeks ago, averaging a viewership of 2.38 million over all three hours.

That’s good! It’s the third best number since the “season premiere” at the end of September, and all three are in the last month.

If there’s a concern, it’s that a heavily promoted mixed tag match in the hot Rusev/Lana/Liv Morgan/Bobby Lashley program didn’t hold more people into the final hour. Percentage-wise, the 10 p.m. Eastern timeslot dropped more than it did on Jan. 13 - and a lot more than it did for the much-buzzed about wedding angle a few weeks back.

Here’s your hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 2.55 million
Hour two: 2.49 million
Hour three: 2.10 million

Next week should be able to attract a lot of eyeballs, as we’ll have Royal Rumble fallout and more hints as to the company’s direction heading toward WrestleMania 36 in Tampa.

Get complete results from this week’s show here, a recap of all the night’s events here, and highlights of the evening here.

Source: Showbuzz Daily

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