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Kacy Catanzaro had to ‘physically, mentally’ decide if wrestling was her path

WWE’s been high on American Ninja Warrior legend Kacy Catanzaro since they signed her back in 2017. The former gymnast impressed fans in her appearances - which ranged from NXT’s Florida house show circuit, to the Mae Young Classic, to last year’s Royal Rumble match. Along the way, her infectious enthusiasm (and the company’s marketing of her relationship with Ricochet) endeared her to the WWE Universe.

That’s why when rumors went around last summer that she was quitting wrestling, a lot of people were surprised and sad. It’s also why when she showed back up on NXT last Wednesday for the #1 contender battle royal, a lot of people were surprised and happy.

Catanzaro’s return was covered in this video from the WWE Performance Center’s YouTube channel, and features her first comments on her time off - and what it means for her future:

“I was just kind of figuring out if this was the right path for me or not.

I think that, it’s not something people usually talk about because I know that this is really difficult to get into. This is people’s dream since they’re born. But for me, it wasn’t what I always knew I wanted to do. I had my own paths - I had gymnastics, I had American Ninja Warrior - those were my kind of forever dreams. And I think that coming into something new like this, I think that it is fair to have moments when you’re not sure.

You know, physically, mentally, I just didn’t know if this was the right place for me... Taking some time away, getting to rehab, take care of myself physically, but also mentally. Do some soul searching, do some looking into the future. Where do I see myself, what’s important to me, and everything like that.

Obviously, it brought me back here, which is nice... Now that I’m back - got a new mindset. I’m excited. I think for me it’s just exciting to be back, and see what the possibilities are with a brand new mindset.”

You also get a lot from Kacy’s tag partner and friend Kayden Carter. And of course, some Ricochet (don’t tell Rhea).

Glad Catanzaro’s back, Cagesiders?

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