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CM Punk’s Royal Rumble picks prove he’s one of us

He didn’t address his controversial deleted tweet about Miz and Saudi Arabia. He did encourage Paige to make a lot of jokes(?) about entering the Royal Rumble.

But there was one big thing CM Punk in his return to WWE Backstage last night (Jan. 22) which cemented his reputation as the Voice Of The Voiceless. He did some Royal Rumble fantasy booking that a lot of the internet wrestling community would love to see play out on Sunday night in Houston.

Punk wants Keith Lee to throw Brock Lesnar over the top, continuing the main roster push WWE started for The Limitless One at Survivor Series. And he wants to see Sasha Banks outlast the field to finally set-up a WrestleMania clash with Bayley (Punk also mocked the fact almost no women have officially been entered in the Rumble - something a few others have pointed out as well).

For comparisons sake, Paige went with some other fan favorites (after picking herself to win both matches) in Kairi Sane & Otis. Christian went with safer bets Brock Lesnar & Shayna Baszler.

Back to The Biggest Smark Best In The World, he hasn’t heard back from The Boss. But Lee appreciates Punk basking in his glory:

Like the picks? Think they have any chance of coming true?

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