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I love Keith Lee and I don’t know if I want him to win the NXT North American Championship tonight

Our resident Leegionaire fan wants the world for the Limitless One, but wonders if this is the best time to bask in a title change.


Tonight on NXT, Keith Lee is in prime position to begin the end of the golden reign of the Undisputed Era, by taking that lovely looking North American Championship from Roderick Strong. And this next part’s kinda confusing: As much as I will always root for Keith Lee to win, I kinda have a hope he doesn’t.

Why? I’ve fantasy booked something better.

How I’d do the next weeks:

And sorry, I’ll try and make this trip to Fantasy Booking Island quick. Adam Cole, still pissed about when Keith Lee pounced him through the Full Sail arena and into GIF history, is afraid of the consequences of Strong losing his title. What would that say about Cole possibly losing his NXT championship? So, he interferes and helps Roddy win the match.

This sets us up for some pretty simple revenge from the Limitless leader of the Leegion, who demands that Regal give him a shot at Cole. Or maybe that’s not how it happens. Maybe a huge dream comes true and Keith Lee wins the 2020 Royal Rumble and challenges Cole for ‘Mania - because NXT is involved with main roster stuff like that now (like I fantasy booked last month - and, hey, Phil’s with me!).

Or? Keith is the one who eliminates Cole from the Rumble, which Regal can use as a way to decide who should face Cole after NXT: TakeOver Portland.

Either way, I feel really weird advocating for something other than Keith Lee winning an NXT singles championship ASAP.

Why I’m nervous

Momentum in pro wrestling is a fickle, fickle thing. It comes and goes and fills up sails when it sees fit. I believe Keith Lee has the ability to be a great North American Champion, and use the belt to rise in the ranks, eventually getting the NXT World Championship. I just don’t know what reality has in store for him. Maybe he could be on Raw or SmackDown before we know it, and then he’s ... well, I have to trust that Vince wants big things for Keith, and I’ll reference the end of the Men’s Survivor Series match from last November if anyone asks why.

You don’t give a guy a huge spot and get the respect of Roman Reigns for nothing. While really big men have a weird history on the main roster - hi Big Show, hi Braun - that moment looked like something more than the average big guy debut. It seemed like the stuff of a man of destiny.

But then again, why has Braun had 2 more face/heel turns (Wyatt Family-Braun, Babyface-Braun, random heel turn-Braun, and back to current anti-Sami Zayn-Braun) than he’s had actual main roster titles (2 tag belt wins and counting Nicholas is still a stretch, and let’s forget that Greatest Royal Rumble strap)?

Either way: NXT gold should be in Keith Lee’s future soon - and we all know it

I don’t need to do much of a conclusion here, because I’m being a dumb nit picker about all of this. I might not be Dr. Manhattan, but I don’t see a future where Keith Lee - maybe the most over man in Full Sail who hasn’t won the main NXT title - doesn’t have a singles belt in his hands by the end of the next few months.

And when he does?

I will bask in the moment, because it’s all fleeting and we need to love it when we have it.

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