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WWE NXT results, live blog (Jan. 22, 2020): Keith Lee vs. Roderick Strong

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight: Keith Lee tries to end Undisputed ERA’s prophecy by taking Roderick Strong’s North American title, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic semi-finals, Worlds Collide build with Imperium in town, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


We get the highlights from last week’s eventful show, and a reminder WALTER is here with three days to go before Worlds Collide.

Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix and a returning Nigel McGuinness welcome us to Full Sail, and Imperium’s opponents this Saturday are starting us off.

Undisputed ERA (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Grizzled Young Veteran (Zack Gibson & James Drake)

Adam Cole and Roderick Strong are out with the NXT Tag champs, and Cole heads to the announce desk to announce that he knows Imperium are here and the ERA aren’t intimidated.

Standard start, until a distraction from Fish allows O’Reilly to dragon screw leg whip Drake while his leg was between the ropes. Undisputed work the heat, getting a few nearfalls in the process. Shortly before we got to a PiP commercial, he does reach the corner and Liverpool’s #1 comes in hot. On the small screen, the former NXT UK Tag champs work over Kool Kyle.

Distraction from Cole, allows for the tag. Fish counters a leaping Codebreaker into a Kneebar on Gibson. Drake pushes the ropes closer to Gibson so he can reach it. Helter Skelter gets two on Fish. Gibson kicks out of Chasing the Dragon. After a flurry of kicks, TUE set up to finish things, but Imperium shows up on the balcony. All four members of the ERA turn to stare them down. GYV take advantage, putting Fish into the barricade. In the ring, O’Reilly gets hit with Ticket To Mayhem.

Grizzled Young Veterans def. Undisputed ERA via pinfall to advance to the finals of the Dusty Classic

Cole and company fume while Drake & Gibson pose with the Dusty Cup on stage. We get a video package for Rhea Ripley & Toni Storm this weekend, then another break.

Shotzi Blackheart gets a video package. She says predictable isn’t in her vocabulary, and she has big cajones. Blackheart says if we think she made a statement last week when she eliminated Shayna Baszler from the battle royal, wait until we see what she does when they go one-on-one tonight.

Io Shirai vs. Toni Storm

Lock up, and they trade takedowns while the announcers talk about their extensive history with one another. Storm offers a hand, but kicks Io’s hand when she moves to take it. Toni blocks a kick and hits a basement drop kick for a nearfall. Shirai drops Storm into the ropes, and nails her with a single-leg drop kick to take advantage. Strikes and side headlocks follow, and after a nearfall we go to break with the Mad Queen in control.

Shirai with a crossface when we get back, but Toni counters with a roll-up. Storm is on the receiving end of several stomps after that, but gets her feet up on a charge. That’s followed by a big release German suplex and a clothesline for two. They trade big shots, and a jaw-rattling clothesline gets another nearfall for Storm. Io gets back on offense with some kicks, but goes for her 6 - 1 - 9, Toni catches it and drops Io to the floor. She charges, but her comes Bianca Belair, taking her out with a forearm.

Toni Storm def. Io Shirai via disqualification

Belair beats down Storm until Rhea Ripley runs in. The EST with a Thesz Press and some ground and pound, but Shirai re-emerges to hit a springboard drop kick. Bianca and Rhea to the floor, and Io moonsaults onto them. Storm dives into Shirai, then heads into the ring to pick up Ripley’s belt to a mixed reaction from Full Sail.

Cathy Kelley catches up with Undisputed ERA. They’re still hot about what happened with Imperium, but Cole says they need to focus on Keith Lee and keeping the North American title with Roddy. WALTER & company will get theirs, whether its tonight or on Saturday.

Ilja Dragunov gets a promo. He’ll prove on Saturday that he’s not Finn Balor, he’s invincible.

Finn Balor vs. Joaquin Wilde

Finn strikes quickly, hitting a forearm to the back out of a lock-up, throwing Wilder down and proceeding to stomp him silly. He chops and whips the former DJ Z around for a while, but Wilde gets a boot up on one charge. That doesn’t last long, though. Finn blasts him into the corner. Coup de Grace. He sets up for 1916 and declares “you come at Finn, you better not miss” before hitting it.

Finn Balor def. Joaquin Wilde via pinfall

After a reminder about the main event, Kelley interviews Shayna Baszler. Shotzi thinks she made a statement? All she did was end her career before it begins. The Queen of Spades says she’s not going anywhere, and she’ll go through the entire locker room until she’s Shayna Three-times... starting with Blackheart. That match is next! But first some commercials and a #DIY hype piece.

Shayna Baszler vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart with a very... energetic entrance. The former champ just glares at her, then quickly throws her down, patting her on the head. Shotzi tries for a submission, but ends up on the receiving end of a wrist lock. Blackheart reaches the ropes and gets a break, then low bridges Baszler to the floor. Back and forth, then Shayna drops the newcomer to the floor. She flapjacks her face first onto the apron, then rolls Shotzi back into the ring for more punishment. Nearfall, then a striking exchange after Blackheart fights off a submission. Kicks from Shotzi, facebuster, enziguri, more kicks! Inverted cannonball in the ropes, but she takes too much time and Baszler gets back with a strike. They battle on the apron and when Shayna tries for a suplex, Shotzi counters it into Sliced Bread #2. She lands rough herself and takes her time following. She goes for a senton off the top, but Baszler evades and gets the Kirifuda Clutch in. Blackheart fights, but has to tap.

Shayna Baszler def. Shotzi Blackheart via submission

Afterwards, Shayna doesn’t release the hold for several seconds.

Video package on the Tegan Nox/Dakota Kai rivalry. Nox promises to hurt Kai worse than she could ever hurt her. Dakota says Tegan is due for another injury. That match is next week.

Moustache Mountain gets a quick video, then Cathy talks with Cruiserweight champ Angel Garza. When you’re as good as him, you don’t feel pressure. It doesn’t matter who comes from the UK. He’s not worried about Swerve.

The Broserweights (Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne) vs. Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel)

Alexander Wolfe & the NXT United Kingdom champ are out with Aichner & Barthel.

Aichner & Dunne start. The Brit gets the better of things, which brings in Barthel. Blind tag allows Imperium to work some double teams, but Dunne turns the Italian inside out with a lariat. Riddle in for some tandem work from the faces. He throws Aichner then suplexes the German, but Marcel gets his knees up to counter a Bro-ton. Striking exchange, both men tag and Dunne lights everyone up. He crushed Barthel’s fingers, kicks for everyone, then a crucifix bomb on Aichner for two.

Moonsault onto Barthel on the floor, and it Dunne lands awkwardly and is selling a knee injury. We get a staredown between former UK title competitors WALTER and the Brusierweight. Aichner takes advantage, flying in and sending Pete into the stairs. He’s rocked as we go to commercial. He’s still in trouble when we return, but he answer a Barthel diving head butt with a forearm. It takes a little while, but that leads to a tag, and The Original Bro cleans house. Dunne recovers, and they team-up for finger stomps and kicks, Aichner avoids a tandem move, and The Broserweights only briefly avoid hitting one another. When they do, Riddle is briefly in peril, but gets the tag. Nifty wheelbarrow/DDT combo from Imperium gets a nearfall, but Riddle saves with a flash knee.

Stereo submission from The Broserweights. Barthel gets away from Riddle, and things break down. Dunne takes out Marcel on the floor, Jackhammer by Riddle inside gets two. Big series of close calls, including Aichner with a brainbuster. Riddle rallies with a powerbomb and pump knee. Bro to Sleep/enziguri combo ends it.

The Broserweights def. Imperium via pinfall to advance to the finals of the Dusty Classic

Dunne & Riddle celebrate on the stage, and here comes Grizzled Young Veterans. He makes fun of their name, offering the alternative “Joint Manipulation”. Gibson wants to address Pete though. The Full Sail neckbeards may think he’s the best the UK has to offer, but they know he’s a fraud. Riddle interrupts to say he didn’t even follow what Zack was saying, because after he talked about manipulating joints, he started to daydream. Dunne says that while his partner was up in the clouds, he was remembering that every time GYV have stepped in the ring with him, they’ve lost. And the same thing will happen next week in the finals, when the Broserweights win the Dusty Cup. Bro.

We see Keith Lee getting ready for his title shot.

Roderick Strong vs. Keith Lee

The North American champ enters with his Undisputed mates. Cole, Fish & O’Reilly line the apron as the Leegion chants for the Limitless One. We get the standard title match spotlight intros.

Roddy tries for a takedown. When he can’t get it, he tries slapping Lee. That’s a mistake, and he gets thrown around the ring for a bit before we get a commercial. That’s still happening when we return, as we see Keith hit a big crossbody. But Mauro tells us that during the break, Strong targeted the ankle the ERA injured last week. Undisputed distracts Keith a bit when he’s on the floor, and when he goes to re-enter, Roddy hits a drop kick on the ankle. Strong uses the steel steps in a variety of ways to work over Lee’s ankle.

Lee refuses to stay down for anything more a one count, but the champ continues to attack the ankle. Keith’s able to send Strong to the floor to get a breath, but Strong is back in for an ankle lock. Lee is eventually able to kick him off, but Roddy hits drive-by forearms to send the challenger to the mat. The assault continues as we go split screen. One-legged Lee is powering his way back into it when we come back, scoop slamming Strong down but struggling to stand.

Pop-up one-handed spike from Lee gets two. Roddy rolls out to regroup with his squad. Cole distracts the referee so Fish can kick Keith’s ankle on the apron. Strong gets two on the ensuing cover. Striking exchange ends with a Lee headbutt that puts both men down on the mat. Keith up first. He climbs, but Roddy recovers to attack the ankle on the ropes. Strong looks for a backbreaker from there, but is thrown down. He recovers and hits an Olympic Slam from the middle rope, but can only get one! Lee sits up with him, but Strong elbows out. Knee from the champ blocked, and Lee hits Grizzly Magnum, then pounces Roddy over the top onto his mates! Lariat turns Strong inside out, but only gets two.

The Limitless One climbs again, but stops to stare down the ERA and misses the moonsault. Ankle Lock from Strong! Lee slowly crawls to the ropes, and gets there! Strong holds on until four. Keith struggles to get to his feet, but stays up through some forearms. Roddy is put down with one, and Lee cleans off the apron of ERA members. That gives Strong an opening for a flash knee and shotgun drop kick. Lee kicks out and then catches Roddy on a charge with Big Bang Catastrophe!

Keith Lee def. Roderick Strong via pinfall to become the NEW North American champ

Lee heads out as the ERA jaw at him from the ring. Imperium is here behind them though! Brawl WALTER chops the soul out of Adam Cole. The ring fills up with the factions and security as we fade out.

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