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Braun Strowman sets up future feud with Bray Wyatt

WWE’s Twitter

Bray Wyatt is currently dealing with Daniel Bryan (and maybe Kane too), and Braun Strowman is currently chasing Shinsuke Nakamura and the Intercontinental championship. It’s going to take some time to clear all that up.

But perhaps a future program between the two is in order.

Strowman himself started laying the groundwork for it while talking to the Dallas Morning News:

“It’s been a pretty awesome process to watch Bray and what he’s been able to accomplish. … Still a brother. I love Bray to death. This Fiend thing is getting a little out of control. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having a shot at him one of these days and seeing what can happen.

“You never know. There’s a lot of backstory and history between us being that Bray Wyatt is pretty much the sole reason that ‘The Monster Among Men’ is what he is today, bringing him in with the Wyatt family, and him being my mentor, my sensei. Sometimes the student has to one day show the sensei who the boss is. Whenever he’s ready to step into the squared circle with me, I’m more than willing and ready.”

We’ve really only seen this version of Wyatt against smaller guys like Bryan and Seth Rollins. How about throwing him in with someone like Strowman and seeing what happens?

Why not?

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