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Liv Morgan’s pretty much where she was before being repackaged

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Getting on television is great. If any wrestler/sports entertainer has a choice between being on television or sitting in catering, they’re almost certainly going to take being on television. Especially when the television we’re talking about is one of the most talked about storylines on WWE Monday Night Raw.

So I won’t argue that the past month hasn’t been a win for Liv Morgan. I will also hope that I’m wrong, and that her time in the Rusev/Lana/Bobby Lashley story ends up propelling her to better things.

I don’t think I’m wrong, though.

I think WWE rushed her back to the screen because they needed an attractive woman who could sell Lana’s “offense”. That’s important because it seems Liv’s here to put over the Ravishing Russian - a performer who had her first match on Raw last night, six years after debuting on the main roster. And to help pop a number by revealing she and Lana have a romantic history.

But it looks like her being gay or bi has been dropped, anyway. Just like talk of Morgan being “real” upon her return. The new Liv is the old Liv with blonde hair and no dye on her tongue. She’s gotten some more mic time than she did running with The Riott Squad, but nothing she’s said has been more interesting than what she did as the chaotic live wire who showed up with Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan.

When (if?) the Lana story wraps up, will Liv be doing much more than what she was when Charlotte Flair beat her last summer in a match that started getting everyone’s hopes up that a big push was coming for the 25 year old?

We’re pulling for you, Liv. But I won’t be shocked if in a few months you’re in the same boat as acts like Logan, The IIconics, and Dana Brooke (which isn’t the worst boat to be in - it’s just a different boat than Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and apparently Lana).