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The 2020 Royal Rumble By The Numbers video has records from the past & hints for the future

The Royal Rumble match lends itself to numbers-based trivia. That’s why we get one of these videos every year.

The 2020 edition has the records we’ve come to expect: Braun Strowman’s for eliminations in a single match, Rey Mysterio with the longest time for a winner - and Daniel Bryan & Natalya with records for non-winners. We’re reminded there have been seven multi-time winners, with Stone Cold being the only person ever to win three Rumbles.

Several of these stats are mentioned in relation to what Brock Lesnar will be attempting to do this year. Paul Heyman entered his client in the #1 position, and Lesnar will try to win his second Rumble by becoming the fifth person to stand tall after starting the match*.

In addition to putting over the WWE champ, this year’s “By The Numbers” also seemingly confirms NXT’s involvement when touting how “three brands collide” on Sun., Jan. 26 in Houston’s Minute Maid Park.

Depending on whether you trust WWE’s video team as a news source, there might also be more entrants revealed here. In particular, Sasha Banks, Kairi Sane & Carmella are all shown during the montage of 2020 competitors. They would almost double the officially announced field for the women’s Rumble.

However deeply you read into it, the video is a fun reminder that one of wrestling’s most popular matches is only days away.

Your ready to Rumble?

*We only talk about three of the people who’ve done it though (Shawn Michaels in 1995, Vince McMahon in 1999, Chris Benoit in 2004, and Rey Mysterio in 2006).

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