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For some reason Ricochet interrupts Brock Lesnar


Tonight (Jan. 20) on Raw, Paul Heyman tried to dive deeper into the reasons why Brock Lesnar entered himself into the 2020 Royal Rumble match. The WWE champion and his humble advocate went through their usual schtick and then Ricochet appeared almost out of nowhere.

In search of any opponent to headline WrestleMania 36 with him, Heyman turned to the entrance ramp and Ricochet came out with a mic in his hand.

Ricochet is extremely talented, and surprisingly held his own on the mic, but WWE has done little to nothing to prep fans for him standing across the ring from Lesnar.

On cue, both Heyman and Lesnar were equally as dumbfounded on why Ricochet was even here. Lesnar went to leave the ring, but Ricochet called him scared. The WWE champion then proceeded to walk back into the ring, kick Ricochet directly in the balls, laughed about it, and left.

Yup, sounds about right.

The Royal Rumble is on Sun., Jan. 26. Who eliminates Brock Lesnar from the 30 man over the top battle royal? Does anyone?

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