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Andrade retains over Rey Mysterio in an instant classic

Was this really the first championship ladder match on Raw in 13 years?

WWE leaned into history with their tagline for this week’s United States title match between Andrade and Rey Mysterio. The battle between both lucha’s past and future was already enough, but then Andrade and Mysterio went out and exceeded expectations.

Somehow every time these two men share a ring, it feels like Andrade and Mysterio have decades of experience with one another under their belts.

Oh my God, Andrade’s neck on that fall.

Oh no, Mysterio’s 45-year-old back.

The crowd in Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas quickly became boiling hot for this match, rightfully so. Both Mysterio and Andrade had razor thin moments of near peril. The line between spectacular, physical pro wrestling match and either Andrade or Mysterio getting gravely injured was very much blurred.


The end of the match came, maybe predictably, with Zelina Vega getting involved. Andrade’s manger timed her interference perfectly and climbed the ladder to block Mysterio from getting the belt. A Hammerlock DDT onto a ladder was enough to knock Mysterio out of the match for good.

Post-match Humberto Carrillo prevented Rey Mysterio from taking more damage and likely sets up Andrade’s next United States title feud.

Forget Humberto, how great was that ladder match between Andrade and Rey Mysterio?

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