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Brock Lesnar doesn’t get a spot on Kurt Angle’s wrestling Mt. Rushmore

How better to spend a slow holiday news day than by stoking the old “Mt. Rushmore of professional wrestling” debate? As in the four greatest to ever do it, not these guys (although those guys are very good).

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle weighed in with his four names - and two he’s leaving off the side of the mountain - during a recent chat with The Sun.

Fellow amateur-turned-pro main eventer Brock Lesnar doesn’t make the cut for Angle. Why not?

“I think it’s because he’s not a guy… he’s a man of very few words.

He goes in that ring and performs as good, if not better, than anyone in the world but in sports entertainment you have got to have something behind that.”

So who does have the total package Kurt’s looking for?

“If you are talking about the Mount Rushmore then you are talking about the overall entertainment - how people get wowed and what they say to people and to the fans and how they pertain themselves in their character.

A guy like Shawn Michaels would be on the Mount Rushmore, Ric Flair would be on Mount Rushmore… I don’t see Brock as an overall athlete that would be up there. But don’t get me wrong, what he does in the ring, no-one does better.”

The Olympian never needed someone to do his talking for him, and could certainly go in the ring. Is he one of his own final two?

“Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. I would never put myself up there, it’s just not who I am. I imagine some people do but when I think about Mount Rushmore I don’t think of myself.”

There you go. Another all-timer picks his all-timers. Let you know what you think of who Angle picked, and didn’t pick. Here’s another list from a Great One you may have missed, too.

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