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I don’t think Sasha Banks is gonna wrestle tonight on SmackDown

If you follow the pre-event predictions columns we do here at Cageside Seats, you probably know to not put a lot of stock into my picks. So do with this as you will, but...

I don’t think Sasha Banks is gonna wrestle tonight.

For the second straight week, SmackDown is promoting a Banks vs. Lacey Evans match. On Jan. 10 it didn’t happen because Bayley informed us her bestie was in Los Angeles finishing up her album. On Jan. 17, I think Sasha will be in Greensboro, North Carolina. But I don’t think the advertised match will take place.

The real reason will be to continue to get heat on The Boss ‘n’ Champ Connection in order to further Evans transformation into a babyface. The new excuse for denying fans a match though?

Like the WWE champ, The Boss doesn’t fight for free.

Maybe I’m just deluding myself. After Sasha’s first televised match of 2020 ended with her being pinned by Dana Brooke, I might be trying to convince myself her second televised match will be something other than a loss that earns Lacey a title shot at Royal Rumble.

We’ll find out in a few hours (the answer will be in our live blog here). Feel free to ridicule me for wrongness then.

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