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John Cena gets real about what he has left to give to pro wrestling

John Cena does not beat around the bush here.

Big Match John just ripped the band-aid right off when talking about the end of his pro wrestling career. Cena taught the pro wrestling world about hustle, loyalty, and respect and now he must be on his way.

An introspective John Cena is both refreshing and kind of sad all at the same time. A large section of pro wrestling fandom grew up on the good and bad times from Cena’s 16-year WWE run.

Speaking with Collider, Cena was asked when he was returning to the ring and gave the most honest answer possible.

“Dude, all this stuff is great, but if it all stops tomorrow, I’m still okay with me. I know the good things that define me and I know the qualities I have as a human being. I’m going to move on and go forward. I know that all this is borrowed. I’m just grateful to have it and grateful to be able to contribute. I don’t want to be greedy as a performer and I see that a lot in sports entertainment.

The movie The Wrestler was centered around a guy who can’t let go. I’m being a s***** human being because I can’t let go of this thing. I invested my life in that company and then there’s no one, whether they like my performance or not, that will argue that. I think after the extended period of time that I put in, it’s okay for me to take a step back and reflect and be like, “Okay, I need to have more than that in my life because if that’s all that defines me, that’s a depreciating asset.” Every sunset that happens, I get a little slower and a little older and a little slower and a little older and it’s eventually going to end.”

Cena continued:

“That’s been three years of hard conversations with that dude looking back in the mirror and I’m at peace with where it’s at. I want to contribute where I can. I’ve even talked about coaching or mentoring. Like I said, it’s the environment I feel the most fluid, so I can sit down and talk to you about WWE as long as you want to talk, but what I don’t want to do is take somebody who has spent 50 bucks on a ticket for themselves, their partner, their families, they bought souvenirs, they bought popcorn and paid for parking and have look at me like, ‘He used to be something.’ You know?”

“Every sunset that happens, I get a little slower and a little older......” Geez, Cena’s really putting this whole living life thing into perspective.

With roles in Disney’s Dolittle, Project X-Traction, Fast & Furious 9, and Suicide Squad 2 all on the docket for the 42-year-old, it makes it a whole lot easier for Cena to leave WWE in the past. Still, it’s eye-opening to hear a pro athlete of any kind be so self aware about the right time to walk away from it all.

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