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Sheamus on WWE wanting him to be Jack Gallagher for his return

You can’t win them all.

Two weeks ago, Sheamus made his triumphant return back to SmackDown. Sheamus returned as Sheamus and he pretty much picked up right where he left off as a singles midcard star.

Prior to his return, WWE Creative and Sheamus had a few discussions on exactly how to present his comeback. One such idea tossed out was just flat out terrible.

“I get back and I got these notebooks of ideas from creative, with like a small mustache and suspenders, and hair pushed over to the side. One of them looked exactly like Jack Gallagher, who’s on 205 Live, I was like ‘You know we have someone who looks exactly like this here. You know that, right?’. It was just like man, if I do any of those pictures I’d be done. I’d be toast. The slagging I would of got, just from my Granny. It would have terrible.”

So bad.

The next question is does WWE Creative not watch 205 Live or why didn’t anyone flag a Jack Gallagher rip off idea before it made it in the hands of talent? Sheamus also mentioned he asked WWE if he could bring back his old entrance music, but was denied.

It’s 2020, what should WWE do with Sheamus this year and how do they keep the veteran fresh with fans?

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