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We hope you’re right, Bob

Ahead of their mixed tag match on Raw next Monday (Jan. 20), Rusev called his ex-wife and her new husband “wastes of breath”.

Liv Morgan went on about being the living (get it?!?!) embodiment of Lana’s karma - then apparently left for Orlando to get in some training down at the WWE Performance Center. Lana is taking credit for Morgan’s new look.

And Bobby Lashley? He’s making promises...

We really hope he’s right, at least about this being the end of this program. Not so much the him and Lana running things part. Love it or hate it, it’s gonna be hard to top the wedding. It’s probably time to start wrapping things up.

But we’re not optimistic that’s what Vince McMahon & Paul Heyman will decide to do.

One request, though, either way. Can at least get an updated picture of Liv?

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