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In appreciation of R-Truth

We don’t appreciate this man enough:

Brock Lesnar is currently in a limbo of sorts, what with no particular feud to work off, and they’re just trying to make sure he’s on television in the lead up to his entering the Royal Rumble from the number one spot. That means plenty of standing around all tough while Paul Heyman cuts a promo. Not unusal for him, of course, but there aren’t many options to spice it up.

Enter R-Truth.

Maybe the best part is how amused Lesnar is for the entirety of Truth’s schtick. It feels genuine, because I can’t imagine it being anything but. Truth does the thing WWE professes to do but rarely pulls off: he puts smiles on people’s faces.

Even Brock’s.

Truth is also great because this happened later:

And I now despise Mojo Rawley for having done it.

R-Truth forever.

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