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The Miz will soon have three TV shows

WWE 20th Anniversary Celebration Marking Premiere Of WWE Friday Night SmackDown On FOX Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

He’s a staple of SmackDown on Fridays (at least until he gets shuffled back to Raw with the next Shakeup or Draft, but that’s neither here nor there).

With his wife Maryse, two daughters, and various in-laws, friends & associates, the second season of his reality show, Miz & Mrs, premieres on Weds., Jan. 29.

Now, The Wrap reports he’ll be one of the hosts of a new reality competition show this summer.

Like Miz & Mrs, Cannonball will air on USA Network. The ten episode series is a riff on the popular ABC show Wipeout (itself inspired by the Japanese show Takeshi’s Castle, which was repurposed for U.S. broadcast as the comedy Most Extreme Elimination Challenge). Miz, along with co-host Rosci Diaz and sideline reporter Simon Gibson, will watch as people compete for $10,000 by dealing with water-based obstacles like “sliding off a 100-foot waterslide to rocketing off one of the world’s fastest drop towers”.

Miz is excited, and thinks the show will be must see:

Forget must see. How can we miss him? The dude’s everywhere!

Gonna check out Cannonball this summer?

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