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Buddy Murphy aligns himself with Seth Rollins & AOP

So WWE’s version of a Fist Fight was kind of dumb, but at least Buddy Murphy got his time to shine.

This week’s main event of Raw featured Big Show, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins and AOP in a fist fight. What is a pro wrestling fist fight? WWE didn’t really know, but the match began at a frantic pace.

The x-factor, in what boiled down to a Last Team Standing match, was Murphy just chilling outside of the ring. Why did Murphy park himself ringside, criss-cross applesauce, with his back against the barricade? Two segments prior Aleister Black broke Murphy’s heart and defeated him for the third straight time.

Murphy had no idea how to deal with defeat. So the former Cruiserweight champion just sat ringside after his match, during Rowan’s squash match, and while the main event of Raw kicked off.

WWE’s fist fight began with Owens and Joe pretty much taking themselves out of the match.

Awesome, but horrible fight IQ. and even worse teammates for the Big Show. That’s the type of teamwork that could cause a very large man to turn heel.

The match quickly came down to Rollins and Big Show. With Big Show getting the best of the exchanges, Rollins was tossed to the feet of Murphy and immediately grovelled for any kind of assistance.

Don’t have to ask Murphy twice. And what does he have to lose? Rollins, AOP, and Murphy would easily dispatch of the Big Show until the referee halted the match.

If nothing else, Seth Rollins can recruit. Will the Monday Night Messiah add anyone else to his stable? What’s the next move for Rollins, AOP, and Buddy Murphy?

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