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R-Truth just saved a boring Brock Lesnar segment

R-Truth interacting with Brock Lesnar will always produce the correct results.

This week on Raw, Truth actually saved Lesnar’s segment. What began as Paul Heyman talking about Lesnar and really saying nothing at all, of course ended with the WWE Champion nearly decapitating the 24/7 Champion.

Before Lesnar destroyed him, Truth did what he does best, which was to ramble on until he comes ever so close to running into a salient point.

In the span of 30 seconds, Truth entered himself in the 2020 Royal Rumble match and then proceeded to withdraw himself from the very same match.

Then Truth threatened to eliminate Heyman from the match before being informed that it was in fact Lesnar, not his advocate, entering the 30-man battle royal. To top it off, Truth asked Lesnar “what’s up” then proceeded to have his head nearly detached from his skull via a clothesline.

Goodnight Truth.

Adding insult to injury, Lesnar refused to pin a knocked out Truth. Though while being helped to the back, Mojo Rawley came out to pin the 24/7 champ and win the title.

Thanks for making Brock Lesnar a little more interesting this week, R-Truth.

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