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King Corbin gets town re-named for him, still eats dog food

And you thought winning King of the Ring and main eventing every SmackDown* was bad.

Word went around late last week WWE was working to get Corbin, Kentucky to rename itself King Corbin, Kentucky for their house show in the town on Sun., Jan. 12. And they pulled it off!

Looks like this may have been the brainchild of those wacky folks at The Bump, WWE’s Wednesday morning streaming hangout show. That’s where they’re promising to tell more of the story of how his came to be. And it’s one of their hosts, Dan Vollmayer, who was trumpeting the accomplishment on Twitter almost as much as King Corbin was in Corbin Arena** last night.

And while us internet folks like to debate whether the quality/type of heat Corbin gets, he is a heel. Heels do not win at house shows. At this one, not only did the King lose...

... he got hit in the nuts and, much to the joy of the young fan heard in that last video, got his face rubbed in dog food.

It was the King’s town, but house show’s are definitely The Big Dog’s yard.

* Okay, he doesn’t main event every SmackDown. But it sure feels like it sometimes.

** It doesn’t appear they got the venue to change its name. Missed opportunity, if you ask me.

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