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What Tyler Breeze is doing while Fandango is injured

WWE 205 Live’s Twitter

For much of the second half of 2019, Breezango looked like they’d be a staple of NXT’s tag division. A feud with Forgotten Sons seemed designed to set them up as veteran mid-card gatekeepers; a babyface duo up-and-coming heel teams would work with before heading into a title program.

But then Fandango suffered an elbow injury which required Tommy John surgery. For the second time in as many years, Tyler Breeze was a tag team wrestler without a partner. When Dango was out recovering from surgery to repair a torn labrum in late 2018 and the beginning of last year, Prince Pretty worked as a one-off challenger for secondary titleholders on SmackDown and NXT.

What’s he going to do this time?

Be a mmmm... gorgeous cruiserweight, that’s what.

His 205 Live debut last night (Jan. 10) wasn’t the most exciting thing. He picked up a win in the main event by reversing a cradle attempt by former Cruiserweight champion Tony Nese after missing a crossbody. But it was an entertaining match, and a good first sample of what we can look forward to as Breeze works with a roster of guys he hasn’t had much of a chance to thus far in his WWE career.

The Lance Storm-trained wrestler has always worked a super-junior style. And his larger-than-life character and main roster name recognition can’t hurt the purple brand, which continues to struggle to gain traction more than three years after its inception. Seems like a good fit.

What do you think of Tyler Breeze: 205 Live Superstar?

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