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Just when you thought WWE 2K20 couldn’t get any worse...

The latest edition of WWE’s latest licensed video game, WWE 2K20, was widely panned. It was the first developed solely by Visual Concepts after 2K split with Yukes, the Japanese studio which usually worked on WWE’s releases. In addition to lackluster gameplay, there were so many glitches that #FixWWE2K20 was a top Twitter trend on launch day.

Patches have been released, which addressed some but not all of the issues. In general, the wrestling and gaming worlds just moved on. The hope was that Karl Slatoff, president of 2K’s parent company Take 2 Interactive, wasn’t completely full of it when he said the company was disappointed with 2K20 and vowed to grow and improve the WWE 2K franchise.

We’ll have to wait for 2K21 to determine that. But the nightmare of 2K20 isn’t over yet.

When the clocks on gamers Xbox Ones, PlayStation 4s and PCs hit midnight on Jan. 1, 2020 earlier today, they got this:

You can see the full effect here:

Yes, you can not play WWE 2K20 in the year 2020. We can’t make this stuff up, scripted fight fans.

As Chris mentions in his video, it does seem you can work around this by setting your system clock back to 2019. Folks in the 2K forums seem to think it may be tied to downloadable content, but who knows. That this happens at all, let alone after the state the game was in when it first came out, is remarkable.

Fortunately, it’s fixed now. But still...

Happy new year.

H/T: Video Games Chronicle

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