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Finally! Rusev’s sweet ‘stache has returned... to... Instagram

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Rusev’s sweet ‘stache first appeared in mid-August, but like an Instagram Story, was gone before we truly had a chance to appreciate it. Probably because it was posted in an Instagram Story.

Next time we saw the Bulgarian Brute’s mug, he was pumping iron with Sheamus, clean shaven as can be.

Since then, his postings indicated he brought back the beard he rocked for most of his WWE run. Then, this weekend, this:

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Peligroso is my middle name.

A post shared by Miroslav Barnyashev (@rusevig) on

Somebody woke up feeling peligroso.

While we’re ecstatic the ‘stache is back (maybe, this could be an old pic... Rusev’s latest Story show him with his acting class, and rocking a goatee) we mustache you a question, Mr. Barnyashev:

When are you coming back?

(Rusev hasn’t worked since June’s Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia; reports claim he and wife Lana asked for and were given a sabbatical from WWE)