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Kacy Catanzaro isn’t tweeting like someone who’s quitting WWE

Kacy Catanzaro’s Twitter

NXT’s Kacy Catanzaro hasn’t commented on the reports she quit wrestling for good after suffering a back injury. WWE hasn’t said anything about rumors of the former American Ninja Warrior star giving notice to them after the alleged injury, either.

But Catanzaro has been on social media since those stories entered the discussion over Labor Day weekend. While it’s open to interpretation, this one in particular seems designed to refute the reports:

The 29 year old hasn’t wrestled since a house show tag match in Tampa on July 19. WWE’s very high on the diminutive New Jersey native, jumping the gun by hyping her signing at the first Mae Young Classic before NBC had announced she was done competing on American Ninja Warrior, giving her a featured spot in the 2019 Royal Rumble match, and promoting her relationship with Ricochet via their online platforms.

We’ll see how this all shakes out, but maybe don’t give up hope of seeing Kacy doing things like 360 codebreakers in the squared circle again just yet.

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