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Bobby Lashley making out with Lana was the main event of Raw

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Wait, what?

After a week of WWE hyping their ‘season premiere’ of Raw with a Seth Rollins versus Rey Mysterio Universal title match, the world’s biggest pro wrestling promotion took a hard left turn into the abyss.

Mysterio was taken out in the opening segment by Brock Lesnar, which was pretty great. Later in the night, Rusev came to the aid of Rollins after the champion was attacked by Randy Orton and Baron Corbin. Weird, but fans seemed to enjoy it it.

Backstage Rusev would go on to cut a somewhat heelish promo on Rollins and challenge him to a title match, literally less than five minutes after he saved the champion and they posed together with Hulk Hogan.


Slotted in the main event of Raw, neither Rusev nor Rollins really took their title match out of first gear. Before the match could get a decisive finish, Bobby Lashley appeared at the top of the entrance ramp.

Yes, Bobby Lashley.

The title match just paused as Lashley looked down at Rusev and then brought out Lana. A confused Rusev then watched as Lashley and Lana made out for an uncomfortable amount of time.

That’s a whole lot of kissing and upper thigh feeling.

Not even a late Fiend attack on Rollins could save this horrible pro wrestling angle. Rusev just stood there and watched?

Even on the season premiere of their 52-week-a-year three hour show, WWE gonna WWE.

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