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Brock Lesnar takes Rey Mysterio & his son to Suplex City

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Brock Lesnar does not care about you or your family.

Rey Mysterio and his 22-year-old son Dominick found themselves on the wrong end of a Lesnar ass whooping. Tonight’s (Sept. 30) season premiere episode of Raw opened with Mysterio trying to cut a heartfelt promo before his title match with Seth Rollins later in the night.

Brock Lesnar did not have time for any of that.

Instead Lesnar, with Paul Heyman by his side, stormed the ring and assaulted Mysterio before Heyman could even echo his intro.

Not satisfied with beating the ever living hell out of Mysterio, Lesnar locked eyes with the Lucha Legend’s son Dominick. To his credit Dominick briefly stared back and then immediately backed down.

This was not good enough for Lesnar.

Nice knowing you Dom.

Was Brock Lesnar trying to send a message to Kofi Kingston or Seth Rollins here? Both?

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