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Erick Rowan did it (and a lot more)

Rowan did it for himself.

After weeks of twists and turns, highs and lows, the end of the ‘who attacked Roman Reigns?” saga concluded this week on SmackDown. From week to week, this particular WWE storyline was either the best thing in pro wrestling or the dumbest thing in pro wrestling.

There was no middle ground and at the end, WWE just ran out of steam and the big reveal of Rowan as the lone attacker fell flat. When all is said and done, he’s still Rowan and maybe this was the right way to go about relaunching his singles push.

Tonight (Sept. 3) Rowan surprised Daniel Bryan and attacked both his former intellectual equal and Roman Reigns.

Bryan and Rowan are definitely not getting back together anytime soon.

From start to finish, how do you grade WWE’s latest “who done it” mystery? Was Rowan the right choice for Roman Reigns’ next challenger?

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