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CM Punk reportedly screen tested for a role on WWE Backstage this week

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CM Punk return imminent?

For the first time since his acrimonious departure back in 2014, that really doesn’t feel like a joke. We’d heard his agent reached out to Fox in mid-August about what we now know as WWE Backstage, a studio show on FS1 which launched in mid-October before becoming weekly starting Nov. 5. Then, a little more than a week later at Starrcast III, Punk said he “wouldn’t not talk to” WWE, as he’s “over” the issues surrounding his exit from the company.

And all this is after Cody Rhodes tweeted that he “wouldn’t be surprised if he [Punk] went back to WWE” - a comment that seemed kind of petulant in the moment, given that The Straight-Edge One had just insinuated to ESPN that AEW was using his name in interviews without making him real offers. But in light of this latest report, that tweet may have been more prescient than anything.

PWInsider reports that discussions between Punk and Fox are much farther along than the “agent reaching out” stage. The Chicagoan was apparently in Los Angeles this week for meetings about a role on WWE Backstage - meetings that involved series host Renee Young, and included Punk doing on-camera test material.

Everything sounds far from final - the report mentions that Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Paige, and Rey Mysterio have also been brought in by Fox, and that while Young & Booker T are the announced hosts, producers are still considering different formats and deciding on the number of panelists for discussions. But, if true, this makes a reunion between CM Punk & WWE seem a lot closer to reality than many ever predicted.

Well, it would only kind of be a reunion, and that may be a necessary first step for a true reunion. Insider specifies that if Punk gets the Backstage job, he’ll technically be working for Fox - not WWE.

If he gets an offer and can come to terms with Fox, Punk will have to fit talking about sports entertainment in L.A. into a schedule which includes promoting two horror movies (the Soska Sisters’ remake of David Cronenberg’s Rabid, and Girl On The Third Floor, which comes out before Halloween with some festival buzz behind it), and calling MMA for New Jersey-based Cage Fury Fighting Championships.

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