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The Sasha Banks/Seth Rollins Twitter war escalates

Universal champion Seth Rollins wasn’t just going to let Sasha Banks’ expert troll job go...

And, look, it’s fine. We’ve piled on Seth’s try-hard Twitter game before, so I don’t really have any new critique to offer. But if this gives you flashbacks to his getting pissing with Will Ospreay and talking about how much money he makes (a reaction he apologized for, to be fair)... we can’t blame you.

Overall, my personal reaction pretty much mirrors Charlotte Flair’s, whose smart-ass meme approach to social media of late has been right up my alley:

Though The Queen also set The Boss up for another killshot:

Like yesterday’s Rollins/Bliss/WWE booking tweet, this one also hits a few birds with one stone. That’s Seth wiping a tear from his eye after watching Sasha Banks & Bayley’s game-changing TakeOver: Brooklyn match back in 2015 - proof he hasn’t always believed her matches “under deliver”. It’s also a match Becky Lynch’s fiance attended with his ex-girlfriend, who he allegedly started seeing while he was engaged to someone else.


These two go way back, so hopefully this is a coordinated bit of social media work.

Either way, you can grab some popcorn and wait for The Man to join in, or we won’t blame you if you’re Team Bliss on the whole thing:

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