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NXT name changes!

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Lots of things happening on the black-and-gold brand, including the always popular WWE name game for several folks who appeared on the Sept. 25 episode of NXT on USA & WWE Networks.

The most thoroughly altered moniker belongs to 2018 Mae Young Classic quarterfinalist Lacey Lane, who actually announced the change before she showed up to fight valiantly before ultimately getting her ass kicked by Rhea Ripley:

A veteran of both Mae Young Classics (she actually lost to Lane/Carter in the second round of last year’s tournament) and a wrestler with numerous NXT television appearances under her judo black belt also had her name altered.’s roster page still lists her as Taynara Conti (and actually, that’s how the she’s referred to in the results and photos from this week, too), but on the show tonight for her match with Dakota Kai, she was clearly the more main roster ready Taynara.

We should have known from her print-to-order t-shirt design...

Another change was not telegraphed by merch. Team 3.0’s Shane Matthews & Scott Parker were Matt Martel & Chase Parker, but we didn’t know they were EverRise!

The final change from the broadcast was a little more subtle, but Mauro Ranallo definitely referred to Full Sail Live as “NXT Arena” a couple times - including once during an external shot which showed the marquee that reads “Full Sail Live”.

Were there any we missed? Thoughts on the latest changes?