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Maury Povich might be on Raw to tell us if Rusev is Maria’s baby daddy

All signs have been pointing toward our being far from the end of the Maria Kanellis paternity angle which continued on the Mon., Sept. 16 episode of Raw. Superstars were being interviewed & tweeting about it after the show, and reports from places like this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter say WWE sees it as a long-term mystery they can use to boost ratings.

For further evidence you shouldn’t expect the story to go away any time soon, yesterday (Sept. 19) this happened on Twitter:

As you’d expect from a Twitter exchange between two brands, this was likely orchestrated before anyone clicked the blue “Tweet” button. PWInsider says their was a pitch within WWE creative this week to involve talk show host Maury Povich - whose trademark is segments where he tells a man with a pregnant wife or girlfriend/ex-wife or girlfriend/side piece/one night stand “You are/are not the father” - in the program.

They also note that The Maury Show films in Stamford, Connecticut. So while Raw is out west for the next month or so, Povich could easily swing by WWE headquarters to film a pre-tape bit with Maria, Mike, Rusev, and whoever else they want to involve in this sordid tale.

Honestly, while I’m not exactly proud of it, I will admit I’m kind of excited just because I bet RuRu’s celebration after he gets the results will be epic.

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