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Brock Lesnar is inevitability

This week’s episode of SmackDown Live opened with Kofi Kingston and his cohorts in The New Day, Xavier Woods and Big E, scoring a victory over Randy Orton and The Revival. It felt like a nice way to ensure Woods & E get a rematch for the SmackDown tag team titles while cleanly wrapping up Kingston’s issue with Orton.

Nice and tidy.

Then Brock Lesnar’s music hit.

He didn’t even need to walk through the curtain for every WWE fan to know what was coming. Paul Heyman appearing by his side with a microphone in hand acted as unnecessary confirmation. He was here to declare his intention to challenge for the WWE championship just weeks before SmackDown Live is scheduled to move to FOX. As it turned out, that challenge was laid down for the debut show on Oct. 4 in Los Angeles.

Kingston, because he’s an amazing babyface who has actually been written fairly well dur‌ing his stint with the title, sent his boys to the back so he could stand up for himself. The challenge was accepted. The match is on.

The dream run will be over soon.

Of course it will. Every rumor and report we’ve heard is that FOX wants SmackDown to be presented more like sport than spectacle. Lesnar is a former UFC heavyweight champion, who also played football, who has already been everything an executive hungry for the type could possibly want him to be.

He’s also Vince McMahon’s darling, because he has the size, the look, the presence of a star. He stands out even among those who are chosen because they stand out. This knowledge is why we knew, even if we didn’t realize it, that Lesnar was always going to be challenging for the WWE championship. And we already know is going to be winning it and leading SmackDown when it moves to FOX.

Sorry, Kofi.

It is inevitable.

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