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Harper & Rowan take out Bryan, Reigns, and everyone else

Daniel Bryan didn’t want an apology, he wanted answers.

When pro wrestling fans last saw Bryan, along with Roman Reigns he was getting laid out by Erick Rowan. Tonight (Sept. 17) on SmackDown, Bryan perhaps planted the seeds for a future baby face return, but Tuesday night’s closing segment was more about Rowan.

After Bryan’s promo, Rowan came out to the ring and again demanded he get some respect. Before Bryan and Rowan could get physical, Luke Harper came down and attacked Bryan from behind.

Reigns came out to make the save, but was quickly shut down by both Rowan and Harper. Then all hell broke loose. Harper and Rowan destroyed the ringside area and took out everyone in the process.

Harper and Rowan easily dispatched a full on State Farm Arena security team and then continued to cause chaos.

Even SmackDown lead play-by-play man Tom Phillips got him some.

Erik Rowan and Luke Harper locked in a feud with Daniel Bryan, where have we seen this before?

With Roman Reigns involved, how will this four man feud pair off moving forward?

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