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Ricochet, Kacy Catanzaro & Mike Kanellis weigh in on Maria’s baby daddy drama

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Was it sleazy good fun? A cheap attention grab? Better than nothing for the mid/undercard wrestlers involved? An offensive means of pandering to a subsection of the fanbase?

That debate will likely continue when it comes to the angle playing out on Raw about Maria Kanellis’ unborn son. Because after going on the backburner since July, the paternity of Maria’s baby became a BIG story on the episode that aired last night (Sept. 15). And if the fallout interview with possible papa Rusev didn’t make it clear to you, it’s not going away any time soon.

It continued to play out on social media after the segments played out on USA, starting with the girlfriend of the first guy falsely identified as the father. Kacy Catanzaro and Ricochet bantered a bit about his role, and Maria trolled the former American Ninja Warrior star:

Meanwhile, “beta cuck” Mike is, well...

Hey! Going on vacation worked for Rusev...