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Rusev returns, allegedly the father of Maria Kanellis’ baby

At least Rusev is back.

For those fans who still to this day clamor for the Attitude Era, this week’s episode of Raw time warped everyone back to the late 1990s. What started out as a gender reveal party for Maria and Mike Kanellis, quickly went off the rails.

First, Maria revealed she and her husband were expecting a boy and then just casually dropped the fact that Ricochet was the father of her child.

Mike Kanellis slapped Ricochet on the spot and challenged him to a match. Of course Kanellis would lose the match quickly to Ricochet, and afterwards Maria would say she only lied to motivate her husband to a victory.

How would Maria Kanellis top her first blatant lie? By then claiming Rusev was in fact the true father of her future son.


This entire segment was very bad, with maybe the only saving grace being the return of Rusev’s beautiful mustache. Where’s Lana in this storyline? Maria Kanellis has to be lying about Rusev being the father, right?

Maybe this isn’t the best way to kick off a new singles push for Rusev?

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