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WWE Watch Alongs are crazy

The one for Clash of Champions featured two Matt Hardy gimmicks and a big Skittles bump.

As a wrestling blogger, during pay-per-view (PPV) events, my “second screen experience” consists of a browser with about 16 different tabs open and the site’s content management system.

For others, though, WWE continues to offer the option of their backstage Watch Along streams. Hosts (in the case of Sun., Sept. 15’s Clash of Champions, it was Cathy Kelley & Matt Hardy) welcome a rotating cast of wrestlers, producers, and the occasional minor celebrity to, well, watch along with them. Sometimes they get sucked into the action happening in the arena. Often they bs and get up to a variety of shenanigans.

One of (if not the) main goal of the show seems to be getting one of those shenanigans to go viral. And that’s where the crazy happens.

Two things seem to be making the internet rounds the day after the Clash Watch Along.

It’s a long show, and he’s played several different characters throughout his 25-odd years in the business, so host Hardy busted out a couple of gimmicks during the show. He started out as Broken/Woken Matt then, after informing Brother Hero he was headed to the room of bath, returned as “You don’t know how hard it is to be” Matt Hardy.

Of course, he’s got a YouTube video of his latest trans-fuh-mah-shun YASSSS...

The moment WWE is promoting involves the One Man Band himself and a pyramid of Skittles (the presenting sponsor of the Clash of Champions Watch Along, don’t you know). Slater and Curt Hawkins are coaching Kelley on the basics of the Irish Whip, when Heath opts to do the job for everyone’s favorite soft-in-the-middle, hard-on-the-outside fruit-flavored candies.

Were there other trending-worthy moments I missed? Where do these rank with Dash & Dawson’s Dirty Dancing lift? Or Matt Riddle recounting his run-in with Goldberg?

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