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Becky Lynch ‘fined’ $10K for accidentally hitting a referee at Clash of Champions

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks were having a fairly entertaining match at Clash of Champions when it came time for the finish, or what qualifies for as much. They worked in a spot where Lynch accidentally hit the referee with a chair, putting him down for the count. Minutes later, after the two had been brawling all around the arena, the commentary team casually mentioned the match was actually over because Becky was disqualified for the aforementioned inadvertent chair shot to the official.

She keeps her Raw women’s championship but loses the match.

Now, WWE has announced that in addition to that she has been “fined” $10,000. I’m not entirely sure what that’s supposed to accomplish within the storyline. I suppose the corporate overlords coming after the antihero is designed to galvanize the fan base into supporting that much more, but over this?

Seems weird!

Not really any more weird than the babyface just straight out crushing the heel in the very first match between the two when it’s clear they’re going to a series, I sup

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