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WWE Clash of Champions 2019 results: Harper returns to help Rowan pin Reigns

Neither man is a champion, but Roman Reigns and Erick Rowan didn’t waste any time clashing at Clash of Champions tonight (Sun., Sept. 15). The Big Dog wasn’t wasting any time bringing the fight to the man who admitted to trying to seriously injure him twice over the past couple months in Charlotte, North Carolina during his no disqualification match with Daniel Bryan’s former associate.

It wasn’t long before Rowan was dishing out punishment of his own, as the bout in Spectrum Center was going pretty much as you’d expect a no rules match between one really big guy and an even bigger guy who’s tried to kill him would go...

Reigns had some moments, mostly via a few Superman punches and a steel steps assist...

... but in general the 6’ 8” redbeard did whatever he wanted to Big Uce. Rowan powerbombed the former WWE & Universal champion through the announce table. He locked on an iron claw and slammed him through an equipment table. Then he carried Reigns to the stage and went for the camera jib, just like he did on SmackDown last week. But Roman used a weapon he found by the set, and evened the score.

The Big Dog geared up for a ramp-long spear, and that’s when a man we weren’t sure we’d ever see again in a WWE ring returned!

A Luke Harper discus clothesline followed, and another iron claw slam gave his tag partner a win over Reigns.

So... Rowan’s masterplan included a Bludgeon Brothers reunion, and The Big Dog was just pinned again in 2019.

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