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WWE Clash of Champions 2019 results: Becky Lynch gets DQ-ed, retains over Sasha Banks

A showdown that was looming even while the challenger was on hiatus, The Man had to deal with The Boss on Sun., Sept. 15 in Charlotte, North Carolina at Clash of Champions.

The blue-haired challenger entered first. It didn’t take long after the black-clad Raw Women’s champion entered the ring for Sasha Banks to start screaming braggadocio in Becky Lynch’s direction. Immediately after the bell, The Man responded with a slap across The Boss’ face.

It wasn’t long after that that Lynch went for her submission finish, the Dis-Arm-Her. And when Banks rolled out to regroup, Becky kicked her to the ground...

...then leaped off the stairs with an axehandle. Trying to something off the top rope gave Sasha an opening to take control, though.

An array of kicks and a meteora earned nearfalls for The Boss as the crowd in the Spectrum Center debated who to support before settling (for the most part) on the champion. Lynch answered a top rope maneuver with a dropkick to fire her way back into the match.

Back and forth they went, with nearfalls for both of these Horsewomen. Another meteora off the top got a great nearfall for Sasha, and the kickout left her shrieking. Lynch trapped the challenger in the middle of the ring and slapped on her armbar, but Banks got a toe on the bottom rope. A two count after a missile dropkick left The Man as frustrated as The Boss had been moments earlier.

A pair of backstabbers followed, and a suspenseful Banks Statement. Then Sasha channeled her hero Eddie Guerrero, distracting the referee with one chair so she could hit Becky in the mid-section with another, but Lynch kicked out after a shining wizard.

That left The Boss so upset she was willing to swing a chair and get herself disqualified, but the ref stopped her. The champ took the chair, and ended up hitting the official.

The two women brawled into the stands and Lynch chased her all the way to the concourse. The Man covered the challenger with condiments. They fought all the way back to ringside and it wasn’t at all clear the match was over... but then the announcers informed us it was as Becky was disqualified, and that was that.

Well, not entirely that, because then The Man went to town...

See you at Hell in a Cell, I reckon.

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