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WWE Clash of Champions 2019 results: AJ Styles retains the United States title

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WWE surprised us with rapid-fire Kickoff matches in Charlotte, North Carolina tonight (Sun., Sept. 15), and by putting former WWE and current United States champion AJ Styles on the Clash of Champions pre-show.

Well, he was facing a former Cruiserweight champ in Cedric Alexander, so it fits.

It was all Alexander at the bell, and his flurry of early offense resulted in a couple of quick pin attempts. But the Phenomenal One weathered the storm, and when the action moved to the apron and Cedric took a brainbuster there, the champ was in the driver’s seat against the challenger. And that was before a Styles Clash on the floor...

The Charlotte native didn’t fold immediately, but it wasn’t long after that a Phenomenal Forearm and another Styles Clash ended Alexander’s dream of celebrating in his hometown.

To add insult to injury, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson crashed the ring and helped their O.C. brother beat Cedric down after the bell. The stage seemed set for another babyface to run in and establish themselves as AJ’s next challenger (cough - Ricochet - cough), but it was not to be.

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