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Seth Rollins has had a WILD year

He’s enjoying his second run as WWE Universal champion, and the company is in the midst of a heavy push to make him the biggest male star on the Raw brand - despite an effort on social media and on the interview circuit to represent as a “locker room leader” that didn’t go swimmingly. His relationship with the biggest female star on that brand went public this year, was used in a storyline, and he proposed.

Now, Seth Rollins discovered he has two grown siblings he didn’t know about until they were matched via a private gene/ancestry test:

It’s been documented (in WWE Network specials and elsewhere) that Rollins was raised by his mother and step-father, and his legal surname Lopez come from his step-dad. Seems likely Seth and his new-found brother & sister share a biological father, but that’s obviously up to them to reveal. Or not.

What we can tell is that Rollins has had a pretty wild 2019. And there’s still three months left!

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